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What level am I expect to be at ?

After finishing the whole tree in German, what level shall I reach in German ? I mean in the German courses there are A1, A2, B1, B2 .... which one is equivalent to the tree ?

Danke Schön =)

December 28, 2012



I've taken the duolingo exam and I have a certified C1. From my point of view I would say this software is a point between A2 and B1. With some external reinforcement in terms of speaking and listening I would say B1 is nearer than A2: pretty good grammar lessons (use of german), big quantity of vocabulary, and helpful for learning to write and syntax. Listening is pretty bad since the audio regularly does not vocalize properly and Speaking is just insufficient from my POV.


Yes, that would also be my estimate. @Drekir: C1 means fluency in the language. I doubt you'll ever be able to reach that level with mere online tools.


mmmm if thats right i think A2 is too low compared to the work achieved :( ok thnx


I thought it would be something near B1 or between A2 and B1


It probably can be if you use the status updates to engage with others in German.


This is a really interesting question, and I would also like to know the answer !

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