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Is there a way to see students' skills colours?

Right now we can only see how many points a student is getting, and I do encourage them to practice, not just do new exercises. But is there a way that I can check that they are keeping up their skills on gold and not just moving forward without revising?

I don't have students do duolingo in class, just at home. In fact I teach economics not languages and use duolingo as a way for international students to "fix" gaps in their English grammar over time, given that it only accepts perfect phrases.

My point being, that I do not see their screens as we don't do it in class. I only see their points and what skill they are up to.

June 24, 2015



We've seen this request a lot, so we're definitely considering making it easier to see if students are keeping their skills golden!


I think this was possible a couple of years ago but then the facility was removed and has not been reinstated.


It is possible. I am checking my girlfriend`s tree.


You have to install DuoTweak. I've found it in a one of the topics for russian speakers. I can give you a link, if you speak russian.


I would like this as well.

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