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  5. "Kızın sana benziyor."

"Kızın sana benziyor."

Translation:Your daughter looks like you.

June 24, 2015



Oh! Your daughter!

I read "kızın" and thought "the girl's ..." and then "sana" made absolutely no grammatical sense to me.

When Turkish is up for review, please separate the various grammatical suffixes so that they don't resemble each other :)


This is one of the most frustrating parts of Turkish and why it is (in my opinion) easier to learn speaking Turkish than reading/writing it :)


building on your opinion when i go to turkey would it be easier to speak the language because we are potting a lot of effort on writing and reading. thank you


Could I use görünmek instead of benzemek in this case? Are they interchangable?


"Kızın sana benziyor." Translation: Your daughter looks like you.


Your daughter resembles you. - Correct other answer accepted by DL.


what is the difference between seni and sana? Both mean "you".


"seni" is accusative, used for the direct object.

"sana" is dative, and is used for the indirect object. Often, "to you" is a good translation, e.g. "sana kitap verdim" = I gave a book to you = I gave you a book.

However, some verbs take only a dative object, including benzemek "resemble", dokunmak "touch", and bakmak "look". (Perhaps it helps to think of them as "look similar to, lay hands on, look at which use prepositions rather than taking an object directly.)


When is the progressive used in Turkish? I know that some languages (i.e. Spanish) use it differently than English.


is spanish progressive that much diffrent from the english? i think it is pretty much functionally similar


Learning Turkish language grammer needs good efforts


is benzmek = gibi görünümek??


your daughter resembles you - why is it not correct?


Benzemek = Resemble, Looks like = Gibi görünüyor. It has the same meaning but duolingo wants you to translate it word to word i think



Hello Eva

Your answer is correct & was accepted for me today (25/04/2019) by DL

Kind regards.

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