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  5. "Ela compra pão na padaria."

"Ela compra pão na padaria."

Translation:She buys bread at the bakery.

October 8, 2013



Here we go again. In the UK we usually say the baker's, Duolingo proposes it and then marks it wrong!!!!!!!


"at" or "in" the bakery?


Can't it be a bread shop instead of a bakery?


i've never seen a bread-only shop. but i guess specialisation went already far enough


"Baker's" was marked incorrect when it is a normal word to use for "bakery".


Apparently she cannot buy bread IN a bakery either. This is apparently not all that odd. I just had a conversation where someone on the street wanted to know where to find Doves and buffalo....I was so sure I was misunderstanding I acted out Birds and Bovines...and the woman insisted that yes, she wanted Palomas e bufala. So maybe you cant buy bread in a bakery.

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