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  5. "Jeg har et råd til dig."

"Jeg har et råd til dig."

Translation:I have a piece of advice for you.

June 24, 2015



I have an advice for you - was not accepted. It doesnt sound so incorrect to me, but correct me please if it does.


In English you cannot say 'an advice'. It has to just be 'advice'.


Why is that? Dont you use an article An before any noun which starts with a vowel?


Yes you do, but advice is a mass noun - it's uncountable. It's like water, or sand; you don't say a water or a sand, you just say water or sand.

Advice works the same. You just talk about advice, in general, or a piece of advice if you're being specific, just like you'd talk about a drop of water or a grain of sand. (Or a handful of sand or a bucket of sand or whatever.)


"A piece of advice" or just "advice" are the correct ways to phrase this


Why is 'I have one piece of advice for you' wrong?


It's not. Just report it, I'm sure it will get accepted.


Isn't "at have råd til" also "to afford" something? Is it entirely wrong to translate this as "I can afford you"?


Er "to you" forkert?

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