Betty Lou

I can't work out how to follow the lessons logically. I keep ending up back at the same classroom exercises. I just want to progress in some sort of useful order and see what gains I have made.I have basic Spanish.

June 24, 2015


You need to complete all the lessons within each set to unlock the next set. The interface isn't as transparent as it could be, but if you have been doing 'Basics' and get back to the tree, go into basics again and see whether there is anything unfinished. When you have completed it, the next lessons will unlock. If you already know it all, there is a test out option.

Also, you don't need to type your screen name when you post a thread, but you do need to post a thread title.

And to the person who voted the thread down, you were new once too. If you can't be helpful, at least don't be a hindrance.

Thank you Lucinda. I will try your suggestion. I'm afraid I don't know what is meant by " thread title" , or "thread".I appreciate your help Lucinda.

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