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  5. "Kuşlar nerede?"

"Kuşlar nerede?"

Translation:Where are the birds?

June 24, 2015



May someone please explain the pronunciation of the word "nerede" in this question? I can't get it properly.


In fact there are pronounciation differences between reading and speaking. When people speak they usually say ''nerde'' instead of ''nerede''. However if you said ''nerede'' while talking it would be still correct and everybody would understand what you were saying, just would sound a little bit odd.


If you know IPA: [nerede]. It is pronounced exactly how it is written. 99% of Turkish words are like this :)


The first e and the second e are definitely not pronounced the same. The first being more of an a sound as in happy and the second being more of an e sound as in measure


Perhaps it's /nerede/ but i'd interperate it as /neɾədə/


I couldn't get it either.


Could 'where are the birds?' also translate to 'kuşlar neredeler'?


We accept it but it sounds a bit off. There is no reason to have the plural suffix twice in this sentence :)


So why we say: Onlar neredeler? Isn't it the same? Using plural suffux twice?


The slow / individual audio for the word "nerede" sounds weird. It sounds better in the whole sentence. I reported this.


i think Turna asked Zeynep that question in "Anne"... bu televizyon dizisini çok seviyorum.


Can you say "kuş neredeler"?


No, that's not possible.


why it is not Kuslar nerdeler ?


You forgot a letter :) "neredeler"

And in Turkish, it isn't necessary to include the plural suffix multiple times throughout the sentence. Almost no one would say it like that (although we do accept it)


I wrote, where the birds are? Is that incorrect in English?


yes, that is incorrect. The word order changes in english for questions


No, in English we can say it when we have to emphasize on the "birds".


"Where the birds are" is a declarative statement describing a specific location while "where are the birds" is a question asking for that location.


Does that mean actual birds or just an euphemism for female company?


So it's reversed order, right. The birds are where? So how do we actually put emphasis on it if we did want to say "the birds are WHERE?"


Since the only elements in the sentence are the subject and the predicate you would use stress vocally for emphasis.


so do we treat nerede as a verb here? Can I say nerede kuslar, or is that wrong?


Oh gosh! I heard nerde!!!


The pronounciation should be fixed!


Why not nerede kuşlar?


I think i get it now. The question is always after the sentence in turkish. Am i right?


Where are the bırds, I'm still single


Can some one explain how to use suffixes in all questions like nerede and neredeler? Is their a good link i can check?


When it is 1st person singular, you use -yim: Ben neredeyim? Where am I? When it is 1st person plural, you use -yiz: Biz neredeyiz? Where are we? For the 2nd person singular, we use -sin: Sen Neredesin? Where are you? For the 2nd person plural, we use -siniz: Siz neredesiniz? Where are you? When it comes to the 3rd person: Singular, use nerede or nerededir: Mehmet nerede/nerededir? Where is Mehmet... Plural, use neredeler, nerede, or nerededir ... this depends on the subject of the sentence, whether it is available or not. So if you didn't include the subject (all can do like this. So you can say only NEREDEYIM for where am I or Neredesin for where are you), you could say, NEREDELER which means where are they... If you used a subject however, you can drop the ler from neredeler (as this will be easier to pronounce) and say Kitaplar nerede, or Kuslar nerede in this case. -dir could be used throughout: Onlar nerededir or Kuslar nerededir... (DIR is used to confirm... I means that "The birds ARE here). Hope this is useful....


Thank you so much it helped. One more clarification so of the question word is at the wns of the sentence it always require a suffix or is it only for nerede. This is the most difficult lesson for me in turkish (asking questions)


Why did u writte all of this i am way to lazy to read all or to ritte it my hand would hurt and it will be boring cause nobody would read it..


When do we add ( ler )to nerde ?


-l(e/a)r suffix after the nerede is third person plural marker and not noun plural marker. But we don't add '-ler' here because the subject is non-human. We use the marker when the subject is human.


Why always peaple say "(:" why not ":)" i mean the emoji faces like this for example ;D

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