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  5. "We read a book with you."

"We read a book with you."

Translation:Seninle beraber kitap okuruz.

June 24, 2015



is beraber optional here?


Yes i think you can write the sentence without it


"Seninle kitap okuruz" is accepted.


Actually you shouldn't use this word in the sentence because -le is also giving the same meaning in this sentence and it makes incoherency


What is wrong about "Bir kitap seninle (beraber) okuruz."?


General direct objects in Turkish come direct before the verb or else they require the accusative case and the semantics of the sentence gets quite fuzzy.

Basically, if you have a general direct object, it is best to keep it right before the verb. :)


In that way your sentence sounds incomplete. But it would be nice if you say "Bir kitap seninle okuruz, bir kitap onunla".


What is beraber?


beraber = together seninle beraber = together with you


"We read a book with you." Seninle kitap okuruz.

The indefinite, direct object (kitap) goes immediately before the verb.

"Seninle beraber kitap okuruz." We read a book together with you.


Inclusıon/omission of beraber seems arbitrary and inconsistent in this sequence of translations. Can anyone explain why "seninle beraber kahveyi içerim" is unacceptable?


Senle was not accepted just now... "Senle"/"Sizle" and "Seninle"/"Sizinle" should all be accepted, I think...?


senle is accepted with a typo message


Well - it's not correct then? I thought all those forms can be benle/benimle, senle/seninle, bizle /bizimle, sizle/sizinle, but only onla and onlarla?


to my knowledge they are used commonly but they are not grammatically correct. But that's why we added them to the accepted version list (normally two letters extra is not counted as a typo here, it is considered wrong)


Hmm... My language school taught me they could be used one or the other form... Seems I may have to check with them again :) Or maybe it is one of the problems with official turkish grammar being changed too often?


The is definitely not the official grammar being changed to often. I have never ever heard "benle" being said (although, I am no native speaker). It is just simple not standard Turkish :)


I answered "Seninle bir kitap okuyoruz" and get wrong answer. It says the correct answer is "Seninle bir kitap okuduk". I haven't reached the lesson about that suffix at this time. What is the difference between those two?

  • okuyoruz = we are reading (present continuous)
  • okuruz = we read (simple present) -- "read" pronounced like "reed"
  • okuduk = we read (simple past) -- "read" pronounced like "red"

The Turkish present continuous (şimdiki zaman) form "okuyoruz" is here not the best translation because the English sentence is not in the present continuous form.

So you should interpret it as either simple present (most likely, since you haven't learned past tense yet) or simple past, and translate it with the Turkish aorist or the simple past.


Correct, though here's an example where I think the aorist (lesser used tense) should be replaced with the present simple (much more frequently encountered).


how could i know that it means to say it in the past the sentence can be translated as present why it gives me wrong when i answered just like @Aziziakbar ?


Here the book is an object. Why is the right answer "kitap" not "kitabi" ?


because it is "a book" not "the book" - not definite


Can I say ' biz seninle bir kitap okuruz.'?


Yes you can say that as well


Shouldn't "kitabı okuruz" also be accepted, yani, "seninle bir kitabı okuruz, o kitabın adı 'Tutunamayanlar'", ya da, "seninle bir kitap okuruz, herhangi bir kitap."?


“kitabı okuruz” would be “we read the book”.


Why 'a book' here? Not 'books'?


Both translations are correct, as it's an indefinite direct object without a quantifier.


A book = bir kitap Books = kitaplar


seninle bir kitap okuruz. is this correct??


I wrote "Seninle biz bir kitap okuruz" and got marked wrong. Is there a reason this is not correct? According to other comments about beraber being optional, I thought this might be a valid alternative. Is it because of "biz" coming before "seninle"?


You should not mark it wrong if 'beraber' is optional. The sentence should say we read a book together with you if you require 'together '. Incorrect to loose a heart when i have literally translated it properly!

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