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Fluency Rating Messed Up

Just reached 59% after doing an exercise again. Redid the same exercise one more time without as much as one mistake and dropped back to 58%.

Yesterday I did 5 or 6 exercises in a row and after each one of them it said that I had now reached 57%.

I'm not going to comment on how annoying this thing is.

June 24, 2015



Its a computer generated number (and we do not know how it generates it) so just ignore. It's not a big thing. I suppose it was meant to motivate us but it seems to be doing the opposite to some people.


Same exercise one more time, one mistake, went back up to 59%.


Right after I posted the last message it went down to 58% without me doing anything.


And then when I do NEW exercises and learn MORE words the rating stays at 58%.


I started out at 54% and two weeks ago it dropped to 46% for no apparent reason. I've been doing at least 50 points of skill strengthening since and it has dropped to 45%. It's very weird. I'm going to try some immersion to see if that has any positive effect.


I'm beginning to think that the fluency rating is really some strange psychological experiment akin to having rats press levers--some get food and others get random shocks.

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I find it very puzzling, also...


Would that I were actually 60% fluent. I get the "level" indicators, but the meaning of and method for determining "fluency" are not clear. I've been at 60% for a long time and occasionally bounce up to 61% or down to 59%. Any insights anyone?


weird i do german though


Yes I too am puzzled to understand how it works. My wife and I are both on level 19 French from English. I am on 125 days and have a fully guilded tree. She was on about 225 days also with fully guilded tree but flew to Canada last week and lost her streak whilst on the plane. She's not bothered by that but her fluency shows 16% and mine shows 6%.


I tested out. Have lived in Mexico 20 years, think in Spanish, use Spanish daily, am bi-lingual, but do NOT consider myself Fluent. How can the system put my Fluency at 15% ??? I have been offline from Duolingo for quite awhile, perhaps this has had this effect. Do the Tech Support Folk read these posts?


I stopped paying attention to that percentage long ago. I simply don't give that percentage any importance as a gauge of progress. I prefer to focus on keeping the different skills in the language tree at, or as close to gold as possible.

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