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  5. "She is a girl."

"She is a girl."

Translation:C'est une fille.

December 28, 2012



Why is "Elle est une fille" wrong?


True... I don't understand..


I think there is a subtle difference between defining what something is, or saying something descriptive about a person. We use "Elle est" for saying anything descriptive, like "Elle est grande, elle est en classe, elle est belle" et cetera, but when we are defining in a general sense we say "C'est une fille". So to say "It's a pen, it's a red pen" we would say "C'est un stylo, il est un stylo rouge". The adminstrators can correct me on this; hopefully I haven't steered anyone wrong.


I was trying to think this through, and this makes a lot of sense! Thanks!


I've been taught elle est une fille is correct! C'est = "this is" to me


There are some great answers here, both by vvanderveen and sitesurf. Instead of asking the same question over and over and using caps to make yourself stand out, read.


Why can't use ELLE EST ???


Because that is not the way the French say it. note the differences:

In French, "c'est" (sing.) and "ce sont" (plural) are used in a large variety of expressions, when a pronoun (it, she, he, they) is subject of verb "être" AND followed by a nominal group, ie: article (+ adjective) + noun. - it is + noun => c'est - she is + noun => c'est - he is + noun => c'est - they are + noun => ce sont


O(∩_∩)O Merci beaucoup~


Why is 'Elle c'est une fille' incorrect?


Clearly incorrect. C'est is 'this is' ?


Again, this is the rule:

In French, "c'est" (sing.) and "ce sont" (plural) are used in a large variety of expressions, notably when a pronoun (it, she, he, they) is subject of verb "être" AND followed by: article (+ adjective) + noun (= a modified noun)

  • it is + noun => c'est + modified noun

  • she is + noun => c'est + modidied noun

  • he is + noun => c'est + modidied noun

  • they are + noun => ce sont + modified noun


I kind of understand why "Elle est une fille" is not accepted since this is a section for ce/c'est practice. However, in that case, the question should note it, ex: This(She) is a girl .

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