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  5. "Kızım özel okula gidiyor."

"Kızım özel okula gidiyor."

Translation:My daughter goes to a private school.

June 24, 2015



Why not "my girl" ?


Maybe to avoid confusion. In English, "my girl" can often mean "my girlfriend" ("kız sevgilim"). You can say "my little girl" unambiguously, but that's rarely used with older daughters. Better to stick with just "daughter."


In English, is "to go to school" common in this context? What about "to study"?


Yes, "to go to school" is the way (In the US, at least) we would normally refer to the school someone regularly attends. "She goes to private school," "He goes to Chinese school on the weekends," "She goes to a school with a really nice playground," etc. are all how we would normally discuss the school where someone is enrolled.

"Study" is usually for something more specific. It often refers to a particular subject or the act of physically sitting down and trying to learn stuff. "He's studying for the test tomorrow," "She's studying French this year, but thinking about switching to Turkish next year," and "It feels like all I ever do is study these stupid reflexive verbs," are all completely normal uses of "study."

It doesn't even have to be something associated with an actual academic school. I remember being 16 and studying for my driving test (It was very exciting!). Professional football players study their teams' play books. A singer might study the lyrics of a new song they had to learn.


Why is it not a 'special' school?


"özel okul" means "private school" (so not public, you have to pay extra money to go there).

If we were talking about a school which is special in some way, then "special" would be used as an adjective and we would have to use "bir" in the Turkish sentence. "Kızım özel bir okula gidiyor"


Thank you very much, Selcen, especially for the özel bir örnek (is that the right word for example), I've got a grasp now.


So, did are you saying "özel" is not an adjective here?


Why" gidiyor" is "goes" and not" is going".?


Silly question but is this valid: "Kızım özel bir okula gidiyor?"


Yep. But "Kızım özel bir okulda okuyor." sounds better I think.


Maybe "kızım özel okulda okuyor" is more accurate re comments above


I think that would mean "My daughter goes to a special school" as Selcen explained above. a private school = özel okula, a special school = özel bir okula. Look at Selcen's comment above.

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"Özel" like the soccer player's name ?


I think you mean Özil


"Kızım özel okula gidiyor." Translation: My daughter goes to a private school.


My daughter is going to a private school. - Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


What about 'attends to a private school'?


You would need to use the verb "to attend," which is "katılmak."


I meant if that can be an alternative. Beacuse; although 'attend' means 'katılmak' alone, 'attend a school' would be 'okula gitmek'. Of course I am talking about being a student at a school.


Why does the translation say "is going" when it should say "goes to a"?


Why is it "gidiyor" and not "gider" if the English translation is "goes"?


As to my knowledge 'gidiyor' is the normal presence. If you say 'gider', what is the Aorıst tense, you are expressing that her habit is to go to school. But it is not her habit. She is actually visiting/attending that prıvate school. that is the reason why they use gidiyor; I think.

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