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Unable to select words in iPhone4s

Since the last update for ios, i have frequently encountered such situation as shown in this photo. In this case, one word is almost hidden by other selected words. My iPhone4s' screen is not large enough to display correctly. Sometimes I wonder if Duolingo is going to abandon the users who uses small screen devices. Hope this concern will be proved unfounded.

June 24, 2015



I've seen quite a few other users with this same problem (and I've been having it as well), so hopefully Duolingo staff are aware of the issue by now and working on fixing it. I don't think it's Duolingo "abandoning" users who use small screens though, just a bug in their new design. And it sounds like the design change is an A/B test, so perhaps they'll notice that I (and maybe others) have mostly stopped using the app since the change because it's making my lessons frustrating, slow, and full of errors/mistakes.


Thank you. I want to think Duolingo do not leave us. But at least they do not seem to test enough for small screans before releasing new designs. I had a complaint against another issue before, though this function was finally not adopted. Anyway, I hope Duolingo notices the flaw soon.


This bug seems to be fixed in the latest iOS version. Thank you, Duolingo!

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