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  5. "Do you have a watch?"

"Do you have a watch?"

Translation:Você tem um relógio?

October 8, 2013



why is 'tu tens um relogio?' not accepted?


a more Portugal thing, but they should accept it.


I am confused...I put 'tem um relogio' as an answer. It says I got it wrong, which I can accept (is leaving off the pronoun only sometimes acceptable?) but the REASON it says I got it wrong: it says I used the ele/ela form tem instead of the voce form tens...but of the 'correct answers' one is 'tens um relogio' and one is 'voce tem um relogio'

Is it voce tem or voce tens???


Você tem / tu tens.

You should report it, but they probably rejected your answer because «tem» is a bit ambiguous, «tem» can be você/ele/ela.


Why is 'seu tem um relógio?' not correct?


'Seu' is a possessive pronoun. seu = your, você/tu = you

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