"The man is her artist."

Translation:Is é an fear a healaíontóir.

3 years ago



Why not: Is a healaíontóir é an fear ?

3 years ago


It'd be is é a healaíontóir an fear, and that would be more like 'her artist is the man'

3 years ago

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You’re right on the word order, but I think that Is é a healaíontóir an fear would be the proper translation of “The man is her artist”, since the a makes ealaíontóir definite, and the subject precedes the predicate in an identificational copular statement only when the subject is a proper name or a first-person or second-person pronoun, or the predicate is a subordinate clause, an infinitive construction, or an indefinite noun following (i.e. the sixth entry in the FGB ).

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I agree. Is é an fear a healaíontóir identifies the man (as opposed to other possibilities) as her artist - "The man is her artist" (not the woman).

3 years ago


Thanks for the clarification. I remembered this from making this mistake previously and looking at the discussion.

3 years ago

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Third person identifying copular sentence...so shouldn't this have another é at the end of the sentence?

3 years ago
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