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  5. Do you ever get frustrated?


Do you ever get frustrated?

Do you ever like rage quit whenever you make lots of mistakes?

October 8, 2013



Every so often i will come across a topic i find difficult, get angry and quit. I will make lots of mistakes and it puts me off learning for a while. Recently i completed the past tense section, i found it quite hard. I have been reluctant to do more lessons because i only just scraped through with zero hearts on all of the set of lessons. I know that i don't know it and i should practice.

Recently i started German and because i am at the start of the tree it is really fun and easy. It reminds me of when i first started on this website. But i also feel like i have been studying it too much because i don't want to retry that French skill. In some ways learning more than one language is bad if you neglect it whenever it gets hard (as German will eventually too).

I have had periods where I started to find it difficult before and i managed to regain my motivation. So if you are finding it difficult keep trying! You will make a breakthrough.


because i only just scraped through with zero hearts on all of the set of lessons. I know that i don't know it and i should practice.

This is so funny, I thought I was alone in that :) I also find the French past tenses rather confusing, but I hope one day... maybe... one can hope, non? :)


Sometimes I can't continue with new lessons because my head is pounding with all these new words :) When I start doing too many mistakes I feel really miserable, like I made no progress at all. Like everything I known is gone. It's quite depressing, because I feel really stupid in that moment :). So I just start repeating the words every day and keep practising my lessons. And when I feel more satisfied with myself, I move to the next lesson again :) This way my frustration can be managed under control.


I don't "rage quit" but maybe give up after so many tries and try again later. I just remind myself that I will get it right one day and keep trying my best. ^^


Absolutely! Especially when I lose hearts because of some small typos...Then I just quit and continue with a different tree or watch some fail videos on youtube. Always helps.


Yeah, sometimes I get mad at myself, especially when there is one particular thing that just won't get memorized. And that means rather often :) Then I recall that probably I'm not alone in my struggle on this site, fetch myself a cup of coffee and put my hands back on the keyboard :)


I've never "rage quit". The worst I've done is fail miserably at a lesson over and over and give up and decide to just keep doing word strengthening for a long time. After a day or two of that the word strengthening gets boring because I can get through a timed practice with every question right, so I keep going in the lessons to learn more.


I'm frustrated right now. I am familiar with German and can hold a decent conversation. I keep getting tripped up on the appropriate genders and so many items relate to that. And as a result, I get things wrong because of the grammar. I've tested on Rosetta Stone and done the test here and my Rosetta Stone score was much higher than here. Here it was .5 which absolutely sucks since I took my first german classes in 1979. I've studied off and on since.

Am I really that bad at German?


This is how I feel as well, I get the main words ok but I really cant figure out the cases and genders oh and the word order. For whatever reason its just not coming together for me. This leaves me frustrated and tbh grumpy. I have tried using the Collins grammar book to understand the cases but that didnt seem to help me either.

Will keep pushing at it, eventually it will sink in.


Yes sometimes I get frustrated.


f yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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