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Is it possible to upload just part of a URL

I found a document that I thought I'd like to translate and which was under the CC-by-sa, but I didn't notice until after I uploaded it that there were a bunch of spammy comments at the bottom.

The Duo uploder grabbed the comments as well as the main text, so effectively I had inadvertently spammed Duolingo. Once I realized what had happened I stopped translating and removed the article, but for future reference I'd like to know if it's possible to upload just a portion of an article, thus avoiding any comments section (they're prone to this problem).


October 8, 2013



How do you remove the article?


When you add an article you'll see a little trash-can to the right allowing you to remove it again.


As far as I know it's not possible for the moment (08/10/2013).

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