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  5. Happy Hangeul Day!


Happy Hangeul Day!

It's not every day that people commemorate the invention and proclamation of an alphabet.:)


October 8, 2013



Happy Hangeul Day. ^^

No matter how long it takes, I can't wait to see Korean on here~ I'm excited!


Yeah, pretty soon! Happy Day, Hangeul! Hope to see you here by the end of the year ;)


What do you mean by "Hope to see you here by the end of the year"? You hope to see a Korean course by the end of the year? I hope so too.


Yeah, I hope to see the Hangeul alphabet here on DL! Of course in the Korean course :D


10월 9일, 오늘은 한글날 ! October 9, Today is Hangeul Day !

I'm surprised because so many Duolingo users are waiting to learn Korean. : )


It has a lot to do with Hallyu I think. Like Japan before it, Korean pop culture is exploding in popularity. I'm surfing the Hallyu, if you catch my drift.:)


I'm glad I'm not the only one excited for Korean :)


Is this foreshadowing Hangul support on Duolingo?


Well, I am sure Duolingo will support Hangeul as we will need to use it to learn Korean when people make a Korean course in the future.:)

So I don't think it's foreshadowing anything. I think it's just an interesting coincidence that the release of the Incubator and Hangeul Day both fall on October 9th.

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