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Changing lingots to hearts

Can someone tell me how I use lingots to give an extra heart

October 8, 2013



Just buy the Heart refill with your lingots from the store. Next time you do non-timed practice the heart refill icon will appear next to the hearts you have, once you lose one heart. Hope this helps.


I still don't understand! If I want to get a heart refill, using the heart I 'bought' with my lingots, how do I do this? No heart icon appears when I have lost a heart.


I face the same problem! I bought the refill but I can't find a way to use it when I lose hearts...No such icon appears


Are you using the web version or the mobile app? Lingot-related functions are not available in the app, as far as I know.


I'm using the web version. I even tried with a different browser (just in case) but to no good. I guess I'll report it...


Like GeoEco, I am using the web version. I'll try reporting the problem to admin.

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