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  5. "Mi trinkas nenian kafon."

"Mi trinkas nenian kafon."

Translation:I do not drink any kind of coffee.

June 24, 2015



tamen mi trinkas ĉian kafon!


I feel like this is probably an English thing - but it sounds strange to me to say a positive to a negative. "I drink... No kind of coffee". I'd rather phrase by saying "Mi ne trinkas ĉian kafon". I'm not sure if that's grammatically correct though.


"Mi ne trinkas ĉian kafon" means "I drink some kinds of coffee but not all kinds".

Correlatives starting with "neni" negate the verb. No need to add "ne".


How would you say: 'I don't drink any coffee'?

[deactivated user]

    It depends what you mean. If the emphasis is on the sort of coffee (brand, whether it's fresh, powdered, or freeze-dried) then "Mi trinkas nenian kafon" would be fine. But if the emphasis id on the fact that you don't drink coffee (but drink tea, water or whatever instead), then how about "Mi neniam trinkas kafon" or "Mi tute ne trinkas kafon"? I suppose there's a third possible meaning: "I don't drink any amount of coffee." For that, "Mi trinkas nenion da kafo" is my suggestion.


    ĉi tio estas frazo mi plej verŝajne uzos ofte.

    [deactivated user]

      Why is "type" unacceptable?


      Did you report it?


      Because 'type' in this case is synonymous with 'kind'


      I drink no coffee. Probably this sentence is not the best English(!) but is very used in America!

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