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Esperanto FaceTime or Skype buddy

Hi there,

I am looking for a fellow esperantist to FaceTime or Skype with on a weekly or twice weekly basis to help me improve my skills in speaking the language.

I have been learning on and off for sometime, and as a result I have a growing vocabulary and am able to read great chunks of Esperanto texts but I have yet to actually converse face to face with anyone in the language, so I am woefully behind in speaking the language and from podcasts and radio shows I have listened to I find it hard to interpret spoken Esperanto also.

Apart from being 18+ for obvious reasons Age, looks, gender or nationality are unimportant although a British or european based esperantist would be beneficial for mutual time difference convenience.

An English speaker would also be beneficial as they can point out where I am going wrong and help me become fluent.

Please reply if you are interested.

June 24, 2015




It is great that you are taking the initiative and reaching out to fellow Esperantists.

My first suggestion is GoSpeaky: This site is a platform dedicated to the sole purpose of connecting learners and native speakers, you can make video calls on the site once you have set up your profile and invited a couple of friends.

If you use Facebook, you might consider joining this group, where you can arrange to skajpemi with other members.

Best of luck!


GoSpeaky estas tre bona! Dankon por via afiŝo, Latif_!

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