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Can't change email setting

I joined Duolingo for a bit, then had a break, and when I went back to it (some 3 months ago) it had forgotten me! When I reregistered it did not allow my email address because it said it was "already taken". Yes, by ME! In desperation (because I was urgently wanting to get on prior to a visit to Italy) I gave my work email. But I want to change that back to my own personal email. I've tried again and it just says "already taken"/ Yes, by ME! How can I change it back please? David W

June 24, 2015



Two accounts cannot be created using the same email address. So, if the email address is already linked to an account, you cannot use it for another account. You can try recovering the account which is linked to this email address using Forget Password option.

Once you recover the account, you can change the email address to a different one. That should enable you to update the email address in your current account.


I did this and it doesn't work. In other words: yesterday I logged in to my original account, got a new password, logged in with that and then pressed deactivate my account. So that account shouldn't exist any longer. But when I then logged on to the account I've been using and tried changing the email address it still says that the email address is taken. Does it take more than 24 hours for Duolingo to deactivate an account?


You cannot change the email address as it is linked to the other account. Not sure if deactivate physically removes the account. You can try logging in again to see if it allows you. If you are able to log in, you will need to change the email present in that account before deactivating it. Once, you remove the email you need from the account, it will become available to be used in any other account.

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