"Так, я люблю піцу."

Translation:Yes, I like pizza.

June 24, 2015

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Why "у" in "піцу"


I don't get this either


I had to review to get this too, but it's because the sentence is accusative (the pizza is not the subject). Nominative: Це піца там (pizza is the subject) Accusative: я люблю піцу ("I" am the subject)


They explain in the "tips" section (not available on the phone version) that the accusative form of the noun is always used after certain verbs, including "like" and "eat." They are only using feminine nouns like "pizza" in this exercise because the change at the end is very easy: піца - піцу. Replace "a" with "y." Replace ‘я’ with ‘ю’.

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