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I know bios are supposed to be short, but if its possible, could you allow just a few more characters so that my sentences could be complete.

October 8, 2013


I was thinking of the same thing not too long ago. Pretty please, Duo staff? :)

Count the number of characters in my bio. When you really need to, it's not very hard to go over the limit.

I've tried but it won't let me!

Type out your bio in Notepad or another text-editor. Then follow these steps:
1. Select and copy the text.
2. Open your profile settings, so you can change your bio.
3. Clear the profile.
4. Paste the text into the box using a keyboard shortcut. In Windows, you use Ctrl+V.
5. When you use the keyboard shortcut, KEEP THE KEYS HELD DOWN. While you're still holding them down, click Save. As soon as you let go, the text will disappear.

it didn't work for me

Awesome! Thanks for that!:)

Thank you so much! :)

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