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"один стілець, два стільці, п'ять стільців"

Translation:one chair, two chairs, five chairs

June 24, 2015



Дванадцять стільців


Why is each one of the endings different? I would have guessed singular and plural, but why does the word for chairs in "два стільці" and "п'ять стільців" end differently?


We used to have three grammatical numbers. Singular, plural and dual (2). So 2 still has its own endings. Moreover, it even has separate forms for masculine and feminine: два хлопчики (2 boys) and дві дівчинки (two girls). Три and чотири also follow that declension pattern for 2, but I'm not sure why


oh.... ok that actually makes sense to me (mostly because I learned ancient Hebrew in school and they also have the dual thing going on). Thanks :)


What a tongue twister :S


When does it end with і and when with ів? What's the rule?


It is normal for one thing, ends with i for 2,3, or, 4 things, and ends in ів for 5 or more things.


Everything is explained in the Numbers I and Numbers II skills' Tips and Notes sections.

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