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  5. "I like this blue dress."

"I like this blue dress."

Translation:Eu gosto deste vestido azul.

October 8, 2013



why is it deste and not desse?


desse didn't :-/


There is a grammatical difference, "deste" is near you and "desse" it's far, but we don't use this when talking, actually we use it wrongly. But when you reading a book or texting (it's written), for example, we use it. (and we don't usually use "deste" when we're talking, when we want to mean it's far we use "lá")


Thank you. That is helpful. I am thinking of "esse" as "that" (far) and "este" as "this" (near). Is that a good way to think? And please, could you give complete spoken example for "I like that blue dress" (far) using "lá"? Would it be "Eu gosto do vestido lá"?


Welcome! And yes, it's a good way to think, but remember we don't pay attention to this when chatting. Let's pretend the dress is in the left of a storefront, you could say "Eu gosto do vestido azul de lá" or "Eu gosto daquele vestido azul". Obviously, it depends of the context, but both could be used to refer a dress you saw in another story too. When we speak we don't pay attention to "deste/desse/esse/este" because we can use hands and head to show exactly which dress we're talking about. We add "de" because it's from there, but you can also use "que está" (which is), if you use the second way it seems to be the dress in the store you are.

-I'm not born to teach D: Hope it helps. Anything you can ask me again.


Those were really helpful comments, and I appreciate them very much. It gives me a warm feeling about the community :-)


VERY helpful. You make a great teacher! I've become addicted to reading these comments, especially from native Brazilian speakers (even though I'm quickly running out of time before the visiting for the World Cup!)


How come Duolingo says "this" is este, but then says it is not?


I agree that desse should work as well as deste. There should be some way to report this type of issue in marking all correct choices as a problem


and you can report it! =) before moving to the next question, just click on report a problem and choose one of the possibilities. soon you'll get a notification in your inbox letting you know you were right! =)


What is the difference between deste and dessa


Why does gosto not have de after it, in this case


deste = De + este =)

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