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"By the way, she has a boyfriend."

Translation:Parenteze, ŝi havas koramikon.

June 25, 2015



for the translation of "by the way", there are "parenteze" and "cetere", what's the difference?


cetere is moreover, while parenteze is by the way.


in one of the sentences i practiced earlier, cetere is also translated as by the way


"Cetere" seems to be a very common (perhaps even the more common) translation of "by the way".


'Cetere' is very common. 'Parenteze' I never heard in real life. The meaning is the same


I don't think the meaning the same, because there are two distinct use cases.

Parenteze is "let me say something that's not part of my main point but I want to mention in passing. I'll come back to my main point right after". Cetere is "I've said things, and in addition I'm going to say other related things"


'Cetere' is in common use. 'Parenteze' sounds good, but I never heard it in real life. The meaning is the same.

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