"The son and the aunt"

Translation:Син і тітка

June 25, 2015

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When do I use "тат" and when to use "і"?


No difference whatsoever, in Ukrainian there are several words for "and" purely for the purpose of sounding melodic.

Actually, we also have "й", yet another form of "and", for the case when both words "meet" with vowels. We use these different forms so that the phrase rolls easily from your tongue, with no vowels or consonants clashing.


consonant-consonant: брат і сестра (brother and sister)

vowel-vowel: Олена й Олександр (two names)

vowel-consonant: : мама та тато (mother and father)

But, of course, we are sloppy and when we speak sometimes we don't stick to these "rules", but in poetry and literature or even just speaking on TV or a newspaper it is pretty important


I am learning so much from you.. thanks


That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard lol.


I dont understand why my answer is wrong , or where the i is on the Ukrainian keyboard. I type in син i тiтка and it keeps saying that its wrong


You typed the Latin i instead of the Cyrillic і. These are two different characters. You can either switch to the Latin script (discouraged) or use Cyrillic, but mixing them is not allowed. What operating system and what keyboard layout are you using? On Windows the preferred keyboard layout is Ukrainian (Extended). The Ukrainian і is on the S-key.


How do you type in urcranian???


If you are having trouble with translating the word son into Ukrainian it works if you spell it Sen, I had trouble with that for a while.


No me acepta Син que hago mal?


"Син" is correct. Maybe something else is wrong.

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