"Vi vere estas ludema!"

Translation:You really are playful!

June 25, 2015

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Ĉu ni ludu?


Mi volegas! :D Sed nun mi havas ekzamenojn ĝis la komenco de la venonta monato, bedaŭrinde. >_<


I feel for those non native English speakers using this course as "really are" and "are really" have completely different meanings and seem confusable here.

[deactivated user]

    what is the difference?


    I am no native speaker, but I spotted this at once while doing the exercise and wondered how it is done in Espernnto, so that maybe qualifies me to try to explain: If really goes first, it emphasizes the whole rest : are playful as if you would say I really thinks that you are playful', but if you put it in front of playful, it is like saying 'you are more playful than the rest' or like 'you are very playful'. BTW, if you try using very in the first position you may feel that it sounds awkward and that very and really* may have some different grammar properties. I forgot about those formal grammar stuff, so I cannot explain it more formal than this hope that helps. just mina dua cents...


    I think that you really have the gist.


    shouldn't 'you really like playing' also be a possible translation?


    Going with the suggested translation of the other question, this could also be translated as "you truly feel like playing", which makes no sense to me.


    I've said just that to my cat on occasion. Usually followed by "don't you" and a question mark. Sometimes while my ankle was being mauled.


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this esperanto sentence means "You are very playful" (not relative) not "You are very playful" (compared to my expectations or your previous behaviour). 'Really are' and 'are really' do make a fairly significant difference in sentences like these, so I don't really think (or is it really don't think?) both should be accepted.


    I'm not certain that I'm clear on what you are asking.

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