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  5. "Halam güzel."

"Halam güzel."

Translation:My aunt is beautiful.

June 25, 2015



What is the difference between "Halam" and "Teyzem"


Your hala is your father's sister, and your teyze is your mother's sister.

And your yenge is your father's brother's wife or your mother's brother's wife.

All three are "aunt" in English :)

A hint for remembering which aunt/uncle is on which side: amca, hala and baba all have two A's in them, so amca is father's brother and hala is father's sister.

That leaves dayı for mother's brother and teyze for mother's sister - those don't have two A's.

(And yenge "aunt-in-law?" and enişte "uncle-in-law?" are advanced vocabulary. They can also refer to sister-in-law or brother-in-law in certain meanings.)


I belong to Pakistan and my language is Urdu. Urdu has many similarities to Turkish, infact the word Urdu is of Turkish language meaning an army. (Urdu is derived from many regional languages so the word Army)

In Urdu

Father's sister = Phupho (Phupha) Mother's sister = Khala (Khalu) Father's elder brother = Taya (Tayi) Father's younger brother = Chacha (Chachi) Mother's brother = Mamoon (Mami)

I have written in brackets what their spouses are called


Yes ordu = army, became urdu. Many Pakistan people will be of Turkish descent due to the Mughal empire which was created by Central Asian Turks.


My dad's sister is hala, but mom's sister is teyze.


In turkish, how do you know when one is saying "my aunt is beautiful" rather than "my beautiful aunt"


If I'm not mistaken, the word order is relevant: in the noun phrase with adjective, the adjective goes first; in the descriptive sentence the noun goes first.


'my aunt is beautiful' -> benim halam guzel 'my beautiful aunt' -> benim guzel halam


Who would ever say that???


My nephew, of course :)


So how do I say 'my beautiful Aunt?'


Benim güzel teyzem (if i am correct) = my beautiful aunt

Benim teyzem güzel = my aunt is beautiful


For anyone who's studied Arabic, "hala" is a borrowing of خالة. This might make it easier to remember.


Yes but "hala" in Arabic means mother's sister! Confusing right?


And in Urdu too. Khala means mother's sister. This is same in Arabic, Persian and Urdu.

It's Khala not Hala خالہ


its very strange because also in persian khale خاله means the mothers sister, and there are many similarities between turkish and persian and arabic!


Many many loan words between all three languages.


i wish "my father's sister is beautiful" was accepted. for me that would make retention easier, and it is, in fact, one of the given hints/definitions.

yes, for english, aunt is always aunt, but many cases require exact translation.

just my 2 cents :)


So when do we use 'dir'? Why güzel and not güzeldir?


It's the same, i think.. But the - dir/-dır/-dur/-dür can be omitted when the word's order is sufficient


Ses çok kısık geliyor türkçe seslendirmede neden acaba??


Both hala and teyzemin is said aunt.. I'm getting confused?

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