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  5. "No son semanas, sino meses."


"No son semanas, sino meses."

December 28, 2012



What's the difference between 'pero' and 'sino'?


Pero is used to join two contrasting ideas when the second phrase does not negate the first. Instead, you can think of it as adding on to the first idea.

Sino, on the other hand, is used generally in negative sentences in which the second phrase negates or corrects the first. The equivalent in English would be "but rather" or "but on the contrary".


I have to say i've consult the 'rae' for this, and the explanarion is (hope i tanstlate correctly) pero: to express a concept different or give more information on the thing exposed sino: to express somethjing negative againt something positive If it is not clear let me know.


Sino is an elegant way to provide a non-obvious alternative to a negative statement, without having to start a new sentence.

To avoid confusing it with pero, try replacing it with although–if it works, it's pero; otherwise, it's sino.

> — Me apetecía verte hoy, pero hasta mañana no puedo.

> "I felt like seeing you today, (but/although) until tomorrow, I can't."

> — Pues yo no contaba con verte hoy, sino mañana, así que perfecto.

> "(Well) I wasn't counting on seeing you today, (but/I was counting on seeing you) tomorrow, so that's perfect."

I go deep into the usage context of sino in this NachoTime post.


I wrote " they are not weeks, but months". It told me it was wrong why can't i use " they are" instead of "it is"? I think "son" should be "are"...


they must've changed it within the past week because i wrote exactly what you wrote and i got it correct.

"son" indicates plural, and "semanas" and "meses" are both plural. i don't know why on earth it would seem natural in either language to use "it is" for plurals.


Why can't we use rather for this statement instead of but?\


I agree. I wrote "It is not weeks, rather months" and was marked wrong. It said that I should have written "It is not weeks, but rather months." It's sino 'but' or 'rather'?


I wrote "they are not weeks, instead months.".... shouldn't that be correct?


Sorry, that's not a grammatical sentence...


I think the sentence you are aiming for is "They are not weeks, but rather months." If you prefer, you could you the word 'instead' in the sentence "They are not weeks but are, instead, months." You need either the word 'rather' or a second verb in the sentence.


son is "are" not "it is" ?????? I do not see "it is" in the sentence....


Duolingo has changed this.


I put 'not weeks rather months' why isn't that an acceptable answer


Why isn't "There aren't weeks, but months" not accepted?

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