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  5. "Han elsker at lave mad."

"Han elsker at lave mad."

Translation:He loves to cook.

June 25, 2015



In the normal speed speach mode I do not hear the 'at', so I did not write it down, which was not accepted.

[deactivated user]

    The 'at' is pronounced simply as the 'o' in 'oven' here. That's how it is most commonly pronounced in conversation. To a native speaker, it is clearly audible.


    Mange tak, men dansk naturligvis er ikke mit modersmål. Det er hollandsk (Dutch) eller flamsk .Jeg bo i Belgien). Hollandsk og flamsk er det samme sprog , i hvert fald i standarden ... And yes, now I hear that 'o' between elsker and lave. Interesting!


    I can also hear it. I heard and typed "Han elsker og laver mad", which seems to make sense: He loves and makes food = He loves food and he cooks. But what I typed was wrong. How was I supposed to recognize the "o" as "at"?


    Why isnt he loves to cook food accepted as this is the breakdown of it?

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