Possible bug?

Hi guys,

I think I stumbled on a bug today; after submitting a question on shoddy Internet I was greeted with the "correct answer" sprites on the next unanswered question. Screenshots below:

Screenshot 1: screenshot1

Screenshot 2, this is on :hover the #word-input box. screenshot2

Furthermore, clicking on the "Discuss sentence" button opens a modal which displays the correct answer to the question before you've answered it.

October 8, 2013


Yes, I have also noticed, If you start a lesson, disconnect the internet, you will get all problems right. and then on the last one Reconnect to the internet, and you will score 100%. I know a few people that take advantage of this, so maybe it's a good idea for Duolingo experts to look into this problem.

October 8, 2013

Same thing happened to me a moment ago.

October 9, 2013
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