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Problem with new "immersion setup"

I don't understand it. I couldn't do duolingo for quite some time, and a few weeks ago when I come back, Everything is different. IT is much harder to navigate, and not a very great setup. Anyways. can someone explain to me how to do a translation in "Immersion"? There is always already something there. Half a year ago, the page told you what needed to be translated. It doesn't seem to anymore. thanks for the help.

October 8, 2013



With the new immersion view, there is a whole list of checkboxes on the left hand side. The first section is labeled "Progress". You can decide if you want to see articles that are finished, articles that need to be checked, or articles that need to be translated. Note that if you select only "needs to be translated", that doesn't mean you'll see only articles that are 100% untranslated. It only means that every article you see will have at least one unstranslated sentence.

You can get a more accurate idea of the state of the article by looking at the bar under its title. It will say something like "3 out of 10 done" with a colored bar under it. The number tells you how many sentences are in the article and how many have been both translated and checked. In this example, the article is 10 sentences long and 3 sentences have been checked. The amount of white in the bar corresponds with the percentage of the article that's untranslated. The gray corresponds to translated, but not checked. The black corresponds to translated and checked.


Those check boxes didn't change anything. Even on" what needs to be translated" All I still see is text, and when I click on it, it just shows that has been translated, and there is an Edit option. This is rather a ridiculous setup..


When you open up the article, sentences in black are the ones that have already been translated and that you have the option of approving or editing. Gray sentences are the ones that need a translation, which you then provide from scratch.

As I said, selecting "needs to be translated" doesn't give you completely untranslated articles, but rather articles that have at least 1 untranslated sentence. That's why you should also look at the bar under the article, to get an idea of how much of the article is untranslated.

I'm not sure what you mean by "all I still see is text". What were you expecting to see?

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