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"Como as pessoas chamam aquele instrumento?"

Translation:How do people call that instrument?

October 8, 2013



'how do people call that instrument' is a bad translation. It's too literal.


'Como se chama?', which we learn to mean 'what is your name?', literally translates to how do you call yourself, or something to that effect.

I'm sure a native speaker can explain it better than me or tell me that i'm wrong, but it seems that when using the verb 'chamar -to call' como is better translated as what. so in this situation, the way more natural sounding translation would be "What do people call that instrument?"


I'd probably render it as "What is that instrument called?"


Agreed. My answer, "What do they call that instrument?" was marked wrong. A more literal translation, "What do the people call that instrument?" is very strange to native ears.


How do people call that instrument is definitely not English english. If you say it in an American accent it probably works. But in England it has to be What is that instrument called.


"What is that instrument called" is not accepted despite the use of "aquele". I understand that este/esse can be interchangeable. But, doesn't aquele always mean "that"?


"What are people calling this instrument" should probably also be accepted.

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