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  5. "Скоро я буду знати все!"

"Скоро я буду знати все!"

Translation:Soon I will know everything!

June 25, 2015



Скоро я буду знати україскьу мову.


( * українську )

Аякже! ^^


This sentence perfectly describes how I feel starting a new language on Duolingo.


Швидко! Бистро! Незабаром!

[deactivated user]

    I agree that those variants are possible, too. «Незаба́ром» sounds especially natural.

    I personally wouldn't use «шви́дко» and «би́стро» in this sense, but the dictionaries have those meanings so perhaps they are possible, too.


    How can I express this in a future tense with perfecative aspect? For example, "I will learn everything soon" .

    In my personal gut-feeling "budu" is used for imperfecative aspect


    Скоро я познаю все? maybe like this? i'm not entirely sure just an educated guess :P


    Why does Duolingo have скоро (soon) and пізніше (later) so far into this course? They are very common words and should be introduced earlier in the lesson plan. As a former English tutor, I used to introduce these words early on in reading and writing lessons because of their common usage.

    If and when revisions are made to the lesson plans for Ukrainian, I think the concept of learning common words early on is one which should be considered as important to help students to feel as if they are beginning to grasp the vocabulary.

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