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  5. "Скоро я буду знати все!"

"Скоро я буду знати все!"

Translation:Soon I will know everything!

June 25, 2015



This sentence perfectly describes how I feel starting a new language on Duolingo.


Швидко! Бистро! Незабаром!

[deactivated user]

    I agree that those variants are possible, too. «Незаба́ром» sounds especially natural.

    I personally wouldn't use «шви́дко» and «би́стро» in this sense, but the dictionaries have those meanings so perhaps they are possible, too.


    How can I express this in a future tense with perfecative aspect? For example, "I will learn everything soon" .

    In my personal gut-feeling "budu" is used for imperfecative aspect


    Скоро я познаю все? maybe like this? i'm not entirely sure just an educated guess :P


    The correct English is 'soon I SHALL know everything'. Ist person singular and 1st person plural is 'Shall' not 'will'. Duolingo please correct this anomaly.

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