"Nós precisamos mudar."

Translation:We need to change.

October 8, 2013

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My dictionary says mudar can mean either to change or to move


yes, this is it!


In this case it can only mean change, the "move" meaning is to change your place of residence AND it is a reflexive verb, therefore it requires an object pronoun. "Nós precisamos nos mudar" means "We need to change our place of residence"


why is "we need change" incorrect?


This has a different meaning. "We need to change" acknowledges that "we" need to do something to accomplish the change. When we say "we need change", the change could come from outside, e.g. a new boss, an increase in pay, a new president, etc.


I think Coayuco might be overcomplicating things. Isn't this just the difference between a verb and a noun? When we say 'We need change', 'change' is a noun (we're basically saying 'We need (a) change'), but that won't work, because 'mudar' is a verb.. This is a guess, but I think it would be:

'We need change' = 'Nós precisamos de uma mudança' 'We need to change' = 'Nós precisame mudar'

Which, I suppose, is more logical than the English.


Your are right, it is a verb, noun difference. Excellent explanation btw. Also you misspelled "precisamos", you wrote "precisame"


Sorry. 'Nós precisamos mudar'. Autocorrect is a terrible thing.


Can this be used in the context of changing clothes as well as in the 'deep' way? ;)


To change clothes = trocar de roups.


"Mudar de roupa" It's very informal, you may hear it but we prefer to say "trocar de roupa"


Can "mudar" also be translated as "to move"?


Not exactly, mudar-se means to change place of residence, it is a derived verb, and it is reflexive, they are different verbs... Even if they seem the same, they are not

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