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Daily reminder email

I have not received a Spanish daily reminder email since September 21. What to do please?

October 8, 2013



Maybe you can reset the reminder email by:

  • Going to Settings / Notifications
  • Un-checking the reminder email box and clicking Save
  • Re-checking the reminder email box and clicking Save

Might be worth a shot to see if that helps.


I'll give it a go. thanks


Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't...I just make sure that I log on and get some points each day so that I don't lose my streak. Even though the notification is spotty, my streak hasn't broken.


Just to let you know that something worked. I've got a reminder note for today but I still have my red heart problem. When I make a mistake the hearts do not disappear like they used to. My mistakes are still deducted from my total but the hearts stay red.


My Spanish reminder now arrives by both email, and Android notification at just after midnight. In settings, it should remind me ONLY if I practised by 8pm. It's a bit annoying.

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