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"Ni atingis la lagon post longa vojaĝo."

Translation:We reached the lake after a long journey.

June 25, 2015



Has "atingi la lagon" the same meaning as "alveni al la lago"?

Is reaching the lake and arriving at the lake the same in English?


I would say that to reach is more than just arriving at a spot. You reach a goal, something you have struggled for, you have worked hard for.


so when in combination with the lake it is the same?


No, it isn’t. When you say reach/atingi you point out that it was a hard and long journey, when you say arrive/alveni you point out the fact of coming to the spot.


One could make the case that the 'struggle' aspect of it can be emphasized by adding 'after a long (/and difficult) jounery)' or 'finally' whilst still using 'alenvi'.


I'm am sure that I have asked this question before, but is "longa" for time as well as distance?


That's right. According to the PIV dicitonary these are the definitions of "longa". Definition 1 and 2 are about distance, 3 and 4 about time.

  1. Havanta grandan etendon en la direkto de la plej granda dimensio de la objekto
    (Having a large reach in the direction of the largest dimension of the object - i.e. a long distance)
  2. Havanta ian difinitan dimension laŭ tiu direkto
    (Having a certain defined dimension along that direction - as in "it is two meters long")
  3. Havanta grandan etendon en la tempo
    (Having a large range in time - i.e. being long in time)
  4. (lingvoscienco) (se paroli pri fonemo) Diferenciĝanta de alia fonemo per pli longa daŭro (proks. 50%).
    (in linguistic sciences when talking about phonemes, differentiating itself from another phoneme with a longer length in time, approximately 50%)


What's the difference between "journey" and "travel"?


Why is 'lago' in the Accusative case? Is it being used as an Allative or smth?


Because it's the object of "atingi". What is reached ? The lake.

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