"He thirsts for education."

Translation:Li soifas je edukado.

June 25, 2015

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I wonder if "soifi por edukado" might not be the best way to phrase it, as the thirst is not (EO-)literally "for" the education.

I would suggest "li soifas al edukado/ pri edukado" or even "li soifas edukadon".


It does also accept "li soifas edukadon", but I typed "li soifas je edukado", which seems by far the best answer to me and it wasn't accepted, so I reported it. "Por" seems wrong. It doesn't benefit the education that he thirsts for it.


Not only does it now accept je, je is now the first hint.


I got a word bank, and ‘je’ was the only option, so your position seems to have prevailed.


I think it should also accept "eduko", not only "edukado". In fact, I think "eduko" is the better translation, as "edukado" implies the process of acquiring (or worse yet - of providing!) the education.


How about "soifas pri edukado"?

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