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You should be able to access the forums in ths Duolingo app

You should be able to access the forums in ths Duolingo app.

October 8, 2013



Integrating discussions into our apps is being talked about by the team. Finding the best way to do this :)


Sorry, what forums what app? Seriously, what am I missing?


Forum = Discussion Area

App = Duolingo Android and iOS app


What do you mean by 'should?' A desire? Or is there a malfunction?


Ah, I understood "should be able" to mean "it is possible". Yes, I miss the discussion feedback on Android, hope it gets added.


I learn more from the discussions than from the lessons themselves... I really hope it gets added to the app... that would make the app even more awesome


I use Duo on Android and iOS. The android app has links after every sentence that take you to the associated discussion board. The iOS app doesn't have this feature. Because of this I hardly ever use the iOS version. Without being able to discuss the lessons, there seems little chance of being able to progress in a language.

When I use the android app, I can immediately go and ask for advice when I get something wrong. It's also nice to feel like you are part of a community of learners who can chat and discuss the language.


Student forum replaced by Shopping icon. Why?

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