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Streak freeze didn't work

Few days ago I used streak freeze I had bought in store. Well, it didn't work. My 70+ streak went back to 0 but the streak freeze I bought appeared to be used because I could buy a new one in the store. Is there a chance I could get back my previous streak count?

October 8, 2013



Saturday I had a streak freeze, a 59 day streak, 10 xp requirement, and had gotten 10 xp on my phone. Sunday Duolingo would not do lessons or practices on my phone, so I did not do it. Today, Monday August 6, 2018 my phone said I had a 0 day streak and a streak freeze equipped. My computer said no streak, no freeze. The graph said no xp gotten Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I bought the streak freeze and my phone did not remove lingots. I don't really care about having to work my streak up again, but I know some people do this for school and are graded on their streak. I just wondered if my story would help their situations or if anyone could tell me what I did wrong. My phone is an Android and has cell service.


This keeps happening to me and it’s getting old. Has probably happened 5 times over the last couple of months. Guess I just have to assume that streak freeze doesn’t work and buying one is a waste of gems.


Completely agree with the above - this has to be about the fifth time for me too, I'm just not going to bother any more


This just happened to me yesterday.


Happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was gone for one day and I went back to zero. It was pretty disheartening. I think there's a big problem with streakfreeze not working or has never worked.


Update on the lost streak problem: I sent a message to Duolingo staff (settings --> Help) and told them about the problem. It didn't happen right away and I had to wait for a few weeks and yet - I got my streak back! So don't lose your hope and tell Duolingo about the problem. Hopefully it can be fixed. Good luck!


I've had this happen twice (have already posted on another thread) - and still have not heard back. I do wonder though whether the streak freeze functionality simply doesn't work? Has anyone here experienced it working?


This happened to me several times already, the most recent one being today. I had a 57 day streak and missed yesterday. The streak freeze had been used but I was put back to 0. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I am learning more than one language. Is it possible that the freeze applies to one but then is no longer available for the second or third language?

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