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Can you tell me something more about the idea of Pasporta Servo? From what I understood, you only need to know Esperanto and buy a book which contains addresses of Esperanto speakers around the world, who would gladly have you as a guest.

Do I have to add myself to this list if I want to enjoy somebody's hospitality? I would like to do so, but I don't live alone and I'm the only Esperanto speaker (well, I don't speak Esperanto fluently yet) here.

Let's say I want to go to Germany next year in June. Which steps should I take before the trip to make sure that I'll have somewhere to sleep there?

June 25, 2015



The rules (from memory) officially say that as long as you've purchased your own copy of the printed book, you're welcome to make use of it to ask for accommodation when you're travelling. You'll be expected to speak Esperanto with your hosts of course.

If you add yourself to the directory as a host, then you get a free copy of the book sent to you; you don't need to buy it to make use of it.

However, all of that pre-dates the web version of the service, which anyone with a free account can consult freely, so I'm no longer sure what the official policy is.

And in practice, you'll probably find that people who are offering accommodation to passing travellers are far more interested in meeting interesting people and practising their Esperanto than they are in checking whether you've paid for your copy of Pasporta Servo. As long as you stick to the Number One Rule Of Everything ("Take Ye Not The Piss"), you'll find a lot of interesting, friendly, helpful people.


If I remember well, you only have to buy the book, you don't need to host other travellers.

Have you already visited the site? Have a look to see whether you can register online. http://www.pasportaservo.org


By the way, this website is under development so it will be improved. (i think)


The web pasporta servo appears to have been something of a disaster. It doesn't seem like they copied all the entries from the book over to the site, but rather created the site and expect current PS hosts to add themselves. The result is not very many hosts listed on the website. Which, incidentally, is down right now.

If I were you, I'd get a copy of the last edition.


The online version looks pretty comprehensive with hosts and booking/arrangements. I’d start an account and see what happens from there.

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