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I've just made level nine and I'm happy about it

I hate some units, like memorizing weekdays and months, but I love how simple other things are in Turkish. I just completed all ablative lessons in just a few minutes and find learning grammar so much more rewarding. Grammar lets you modify a single new word into so many meanings.

During my lingustics studies I learned that focusing on grammar first is the "best" way to learn a language, and I think the courses on duolingo do pretty much that, at least Turkish does it so far. It's really a great course.

I'm excited to progress further in the tree. I'd also like to get an etymological dictionary for Turkish, there are so many French words, but I wonder how much is from Arabic or other languages.

And then, who knows. Maybe I'll go on a vacation in Turkey :-D

June 25, 2015



Level 9 in Turkish is not an easy task.

Tebrik Ederim.


Thanks! I just put in the necessary time. I'm using an external tool (anki) for vocabulary training which makes things easier. I'm on a 35 day streak that started (I think) the day I joined duolingo. Persistence is key for me.


It's such an interesting language. Turkish is really like a puzzle to me. Next up level 10 for us!


Persistence is indeed the key. Certain aspects of Turkish can be difficult, but it's a fun language to learn. Congratulations on reaching level 9. I just reached level 7, 11 day streak. That Anki sounds quite useful.


Yeah, I love Anki. I just feed it all the vocabulary and practice maybe 30 minutes a day. I think it is MUCH easier to learn vocabulary isolated from grammar. The way duo works the exercises almost always mix grammar with vocabulary which is too much for me personally. The program needs some getting used to, but it's really great.

I've written a short program to extract everything from https://elon.io/learn-duolingo-english-to-turkish/lessons into an Anki deck, and I attribute my rapid progress to that. My progress in Spanish is much slower because I have to create the cards manually. I'll see about uploading my deck to the public repository.


I prefer learning vocabulary and grammar seperate as well. I will definitely give it a try and see where it gets me. Thanks for the tip!


That's an interesting take - I'm afraid of doing that as my native language doesn't have noun declensions and I'm afraid learning the word out of context might ultimately hamper my getting use the right suffix at the right time. To me that was one of Duo's main selling points, using the same words again and again in different contexts.


Do you use memrise? I just heard about it, sounds useful.


Yeah, I tried it for a few days, but the course here on duo just seemed better. I think I also liked the interface better here.


I tried Turkish for a little but it was super hard. Sticking with portuguese. Congrats


Bu harika!! Congrats! I am a native Arabic speak and I found a lot of common words which made it easier to memorize.


Haha, yeah. For me knowing French makes it easier. Harika, I like that word!


There are 4,000 French words in Turkish! You are starting from a nice level if you know French. :-)


Have a look at http://www.nisanyansozluk.com/ - an online Turkish etymology dictionary. All in Turkish, of course.

You need to register (for free) before you can see more than snippets.

Note that no modern-day definitions are included (it is assumed that users will know those), but older meanings are in some places.

It also has Greek, Arabic, and Persian roots in the original writing together with a Turkish transcription.

For example, for şarap, it says:

şarāb "su, her çeşit içecek" [ Borovkov ed., Orta Asya'da Bulunmuş ... Kuran Tefsiri, 1300]

~ Ar şarāb شراب [#şrb faˁāl ] her türlü içecek, özellikle sarhoş edici içki Ar şaraba شرب içti

Not: Arapça sözcüğün ikinci anlamı 11. yy'dan itibaren kaydedilmiştir.

Benzer sözcükler: şarabi, şerab

Bu maddeye gönderenler: maşrapa, meşrep, meşrubat, şerbet (sorbe), şurup

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