"Do you have porridge with meat?"

Translation:У вас є каша з м'ясом?

June 25, 2015



I had "У вас каша з м'ясом." Does anyone know why the "є" is necessary in this case?

June 25, 2015


Because у мене є/у вас є/... is a standard form meaning "I have/you have/..."

June 25, 2015


добре, дякую)

June 25, 2015


Actually without є this question has four (4) meanings - depending on how you lay stress on words - and none of them is what was asked in English phrase :-)

  1. У вас каша з м'ясом? — What you have is porridge with meat, isn't it?

  2. У вас каша... з м'ясом? — Is your porridge with meat?

  3. У вас? каша з м'ясом — Is it you who has porridge with meat?

  4. У вас каша? з м'ясом — What you have with meat is porridge, isn't it?

That's why correct translation should be "У вас є? каша з м'ясом". It's the matter of what you are asking about exactly. If you refer to action itself you should not omit verb.

February 12, 2016
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