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  5. "We have the little cat."

"We have the little cat."

Translation:Küçük kedi bizde.

June 25, 2015



Is 'bizim küçük kedimiz var' also correct?


That is grammatically correct, but has a different meaning for a different situation :-)

  • "Bizim küçük kedimiz var" implies that it is our cat. Maybe it's not with us now, but we have a pet cat at home.

  • "Küçük kedi bizde" implies that we are physically with the small cat, which might not even be ours. It could be ours, but not necessarily. The important thing is that the cat is with us right now.


Since kedi is an object here, shouldn't there be an object suffix to indicate "the cat"? Something like "Küçük kediyi bizde"? Without that I read it as "We have a little cat". Although, admittedly, then it would probably be "Küçük bir kedi bizde". Or "Bizim küçük bir kedimiz var"?

So - in short - is it possible to say "Küçük kediyi bizde"?


It's a little confusing, because "cat" is the object of the English sentence, but in the Turkish sentence, it's the subject. As far as I understand, "bizde" is "biz" with a locative ending, so the literal meaning of "küçük kedi bizde" is more like, "the little cat is [~located at] us." Anyway, that's why "kedi" doesn't have an accusative ending -- and unless I'm missing something, the sentence wouldn't work with one.


You are of course completely right. I don't know - my brain must have blacked out there ;) The cat is with us - makes perfect sense, grammatically :)


Why is Biz küçük kedimiz var incorrect?


Can I say - "Bizim küçük kedimiz var"? Is it correct?


It is definitely not the same meaning, but I only have a partial response to your version (because I am rusty :( ) "Bizim küçük bir kedimiz var" means "We have a little cat", so it becomes "a cat" in your version. What I am not sure about is whether it is remains a meaningful sentence when you remove the "bir"... I hope someone else can elaborate..


can we say "bizde küçük kedi"?


Nope, the possessor would (under most circumstances) need to come last in these sentences. :)


Omg i always get the last word wrong


I do not undrestand it at all, why using bizde?


The literal translation is "The little cat is with us." bizde = biz + locative (at / with)


It comes to my mind that when we say "bizim bir kucuk kedimiz var". It sounds like ,we have a little cat .but when we say "kucuk kedi bizde " it sounds like the poor cat has been lost ,we have founded it and now we are telling to the owner that the little cat is with us .how does it sound to you ? Am i roung or not .please ,need an answer .


I would completely agree with that :-)

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