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Immersion, part of my screen becomes black.

Good day!

Sometimes when I'm in immersion and click on a translated sentence to see its translation, part of my screen becomes black and stays on this page this way until I click on that sentence again, or click the button "back", so that translation disappears. Clicking on another tab in my browser and returning on Duo helps for some time, but then I get this black screen again. When I refresh the page it helps for a little bit longer, but anyway this black screen appears again in some time. Some screenshots: http://data2.floomby.com/files/share/25_6_2015/7/KvEykgEO6FGYRdgtNA.jpg http://data2.floomby.com/files/share/25_6_2015/21/1JLoYwCj0yJ04L0xNRzMg.jpg

Windows 7, Mozila Firefox. When I used Google Chrome before switching to Mozila, I didn't have this problem.

June 25, 2015



Wow! I haven't seen anything like that on my computer. (BTW: don't know why you received a downvote for this post, so am upvoting and giving you a lingot for your "pain.")


My immersion button is totally gone. :( It only says Home, Activity, and Discussion. Know how to fix?

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Hi everybody! My 'Immersion' button doesn't respond (English/French course). Everything else is all right. Other languages are okay as well. Explain or advise please. Thank you.

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Thank you! Feeling a bit better now )). Could it be a disciplinary action with DL showing 60% language level?

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