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Trouble strengthening Flirting (French bonus skill)

I am doing 2/3 practices per day on this skill, but it keeps coming back! The practice exercises often don't cover most of the words on the 'weak words' list. It kept saying: "Salut beauté" even though I don't need to practise those words. I'm using the app where the strength measure (shown as 5 chunks on the web) is continuous. After my first practice today the strength bar was so near full I couldn't see the gap, but it still wanted practising. After the second practice the strength bar didn't move, so I redid the lesson that had the weakest word in, and that did the trick. I'm wondering if some bug has messed up DL's algorithms for working out the content of practise lessons. Anyone else had similar problems?

June 25, 2015

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Same problem here. Seems like the app sees some of the flirting words as not fully strengthened. However, when trying to strengthen, the same sentences keep showing up, which do not contain my weak words. Please fix. Very annoying that my full tree is golden except for this one skill!

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