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"Estas sesdek sekundoj en minuto."

Translation:There are sixty seconds in a minute.

June 25, 2015



Estas malpli en Nov-Jorka minuto.


Why not Jen estas sesdek sekundoj en minuto?


Jen implies that the thing it precedes is immediately evident, like it is being presented or shown to the other person/people; for example: Jen mia nova hundo ("Here's my new dog" or, roughly, "This here is my new dog"). In the phrase Estas sesdek sekundoj en minuto, the word estas by itself means "there are", so the sentence means "There are sixty seconds in a minute." Using the word jen, on the other hand, would mean "Here are sixty seconds in a minute," which gives the impression that you're trying to give or show the seconds to whomever it is you're talking to. That doesn't make much sense—you can't really show someone the seconds in a minute. Also, jen estas is redundant (as well as grammatically incorrect), as jen already means "here is/are/am". So saying jen estas is like saying "here's is". But, as I said, saying Jen sesdek sekundoj en minuto even without estas, although grammatically correct, would still have a different meaning that would never be used in real conversation. :)


Finally I get the sense of Jen! Thank you!

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