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Table of Correlatives

Maybe this table can be useful to you.
All errors remain mine.

June 25, 2015



Thank you for posting this! Very helpful :)


Very nice! A few (hopefully) constructive criticisms...

You've written "Nenio" twice in a row; one should say "Nothing" (though it'd be obvious from the pattern, I'm sure).

"Tie" is merely "There," not "Therefore" (bad copy/paste from "Tial" perhaps?)

You might want to consider "Nobody" and "Nobody's" or "No-one" and "No-one's" instead of "None" and "None's." "None's" in particular seems like pretty awkward English.

Lastly, using that font it's pretty unclear that the first column reads "Ia, Ial, Iam" (capital i) rather than "la, lal, lam" (lower case L). I initially read "Io" as "lo" even though I know perfectly well it should be "Io."


Thanks. I have fixed the errors.


Some beginners sometimes think that -io is for things and -iu for people. In order to make it clear that -iu can concern things too, I'd add "which" to "kiu" and "none" to "neniu".

Apart from that, I'd add "never" to "neniam", as it is certainly one of the most frequent translation, and "some day" or "one day" to "iam".

Nice contribution anyway :)


cant see the table from the comments, it is probably very helpful


I cannot see the table for some reason.


Check out the links in the replies to vikaso1. Also, I found this table very helpful https://verdavortoblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/tabelo-de-korelativoj-english.jpg?w=640

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