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"Gel buraya"

On the first Assassin's Creed game, some of the guards speak in Turkish. Now, aside from the fact that the Ottoman period in Jerusalem and the surrounding area was centuries later than the crusades, I wondered if the Turkish is accurate for the time, or even accurate for modern Turkish.

One phrase I noticed was "gel buraya", which is the opposite order to what I have learnt in the course: "buraya gel". Are both orders ok in Modern or Ottoman Turkish, and is there a difference in tone, implication or usage?

June 25, 2015



I think all the Turkish in that game is standard, natural, modern-day Turkish. I don't know if anyone really said those things in the Ottoman period, as we know so little about the spoken language of that time, but they're pretty natural for modern Turkish.

Buraya gel and gel buraya are both totally fine. "Gel buraya" is more commanding and sounds angrier. Usually, putting the verb in the beginning stresses it more.

Seni seviyorum = I love you.

Seviyorum seni = Damn it I love you!


Thank you! That makes sense.

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